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"Being Number One ... Together"
"... representing the broad spectrum of agriculture from farm production, education, business services and the delivery of finished products to consumers."

Our Vision
The Pennsylvania State Council of Farm Organizations (PSCFO) is one of the key “go-to” organizations in Pennsylvania for the agricultural industry. PSCFO is unique in its broad-based and diverse membership. It gives voice to the smallest commodity groups as well as Pennsylvania’s largest ag organizations.
PSCFO provides:
  • Advocacy for a constructive legislative agenda
  • A form for networking and dialogue, with opportunities for big and small members to interact
  • Education on emerging trends and issues through speakers and workshops
  • Collaboration with leading ag organizations
Key Purposes of PSCFO
  • Strengthen Ag Industry’s voice and presence in Harrisburg and around the state
  • Advocate for Ag Industry in state policies, programs and budget
  • Identify issues, whether common across agriculture or specific to ag sectors
  • Provide opportunities for networking and information-sharing
  • Educate membership on key trends and emerging issues
  • Provide a single-source for information on a broad spectrum of PA ag organizations

Important Issues

March 31st, Meeting Notice

Additional Meeting Dates
June 16 at PA Department of Agriculture
September 22 at PA Department of Agriculture
November 17 at PA Department of Agriculture

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PA State Council of Farm Organizations
26 North Ninth St.
Lemoyne, PA 17043
FAX 717/232-7005

E-mail: vince@vphillipsassoc.com or xenobun@aol.com